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At Imagine Laserworks Atlanta, we can help you end depression now!

The World Health Organization (WHO) now recognizes acupuncture as a complimentary solution for 104 conditions. As a result, one of those conditions is depression. Using a laser in conjunction with acupuncture yields 10 times better results. 
According to researchers, low levels of serotonin can make you prone to drug or alcohol dependence, depression, anxiety, etc.
The reason some individuals have lower levels of serotonin is not determined. Researchers hypothesize that it is genetically related. However, the environment also contributes. Consequently, studies show that physical or emotional trauma also triggers it. 
Laser acupuncture ends depression because it stimulates the release and synthesis of serotonin. 
Acupuncture (laser therapy) releases endorphins in humans. Additionally, it releases noradrenaline. 
Most importantly, “increased levels of serotonin and endorphins are consistent with emotional well-being.” That is how we end depression. 
Scientific Studies to end depression
Many other scientists acknowledge the need for more research in this area. This will allow them to establish the exact mechanisms of these neurotransmitters. And, how laser therapy linked to acupuncture to end depression. 
Several scientists acknowledge the use of acupuncture as a highly effective laser solution for depression. Additionally, many studies report that acupuncture is more effective in treating depression than antidepressants. According to researchers, traditional remedies for depression aren’t always effective. For example, psychotherapy and medication only work for roughly 50% of patients to end depression. 
Many patients however, do not finish psychotherapy. They also don’t finish medication driven prescriptions. Both due to the unbearable side effects. Additionally, disillusionment with trying different medications or psychotherapy therapies also causes patients not to finish the protocol. 
More research needs to be done to better understand laser acupuncture’s effect on depression. But, it looks like laser acupuncture is getting great results for depressive disorders and ending depression. 
Laser therapy can end depression, inexpensively, and leave you free of the negative side effects of drugs.