eliminate angry outbursts  


Our remedy uses laser and bio-electrical stimulation of acupuncture points to reduce feelings of anger and eliminate angry outbursts.  Our laser produces a calming, tranquilizing effect that helps. People with anger issues have “triggers” and experience angry outbursts. These angry outbursts are unsettling for the people around them. We help you feel calmer immediately. As a result, you process feelings of anger in a healthy way. This allows you to step back and look at your triggers more objectively. Therefore, you are able to make better decisions.
Anger is a normal human emotion. On the scale of human emotions, it is a higher frequency/vibration. Than a lower frequency emotion like sadness or hopelessness. However, anger is tricky. Anger is a healthy or unhealthy emotion, it depends on how it is expressed. It can spur us to action with a “fight or flight” response to keep us safe. Or alternatively, it can cover up a deeper, more difficult and lower vibration emotion trying to surface like sadness.
Our laser protocol helps you cope and process feelings of anger in healthy ways. To eliminate angry outbursts. A person experiencing anger will often experience physical conditions. Such as, increased heart rate. Elevated blood pressure. Increased levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline. Additionally, we help you cope better by eliminating pent up frustrations and irritation. We help you eliminate angry outbursts.
Eliminate angry outbursts that result from feelings of frustration and irritation. 
Repressed anger occurs when feelings of anger and sadness are stuffed, suppressed or pushed down. Repressed anger is not healthy and creates unhealthy tension in your body where disease can set in. Pent up frustration and irritation occurs when anger and frustration are pent up for long periods of time. This causes “angry outbursts”. We eliminate angry outbursts borne out of frustration. Physically, this irritation collects mainly in the shoulders. Neck. Solar plexus and neck and hips. And, our remedy takes these tensions off your body immediately to eliminate angry outbursts.  
Tension in the neck is often associated with anger. However, stress also creates these muscular tensions.  Anger and stress is at the very core of irritations and pent-up frustrations. Therefore, frustrations literally become a “pain in the neck.”
Eliminate angry outbursts and express your anger in a healthy way. This requires being clear headed. Healthy and coping. Make better, more sound decisions.
The hips are also associated with frustration and irritation.
When people stand with their hands on their hips, they are often feeling frustrated or irritated. Not coincidentally, they are also instinctively holding acupressure points that can relieve the frustration. Smoking, drinking overeating and tension in the shoulders often stem from an emotional imbalance. 
Laser therapy helps release harmful emotions and unhealthy impulses. 
During anger, the body is surged with neurochemical fuels that energize you. Therefore, you instinctively and impulsively respond to danger in a “fight or flight” manner. This keeps us safe. These chemicals send the rational, thinking part of your brain offline. Professional laser therapy helps reduce and control irritability, anger, frustrations and cravings.
When you are able to stand back and take an objective view of life circumstances and not “react” to them, you become more clear headed. You are able to make more sound decisions. We relieve those deep frustrations. These relate to some aspect of your life or yourself that you are repressing. Or, restricting so you can be more wise and objective in your decision making.
We help you cope in healthy ways