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How Can Laser Acupuncture Help Insomnia?

Let’s first look at the various types of insomnia treated by acupuncture. It helps to understand why they occur. Knowing what type of insomnia you have can help you get the most effective treatment.

•   I have difficultly falling asleep: The Yang Qi cannot enter the Yin areas of the body leading to insomnia.

•   I wake up often during the night: Internal heat is stuck in the body causing insomnia.

•   I wake up early and can’t go back to sleep: Poor lifestyle may have damaged your Kidney Yin energy. Heat from Kidney Deficiency is rising up causing insomnia.

•   I have excessive dreaming during sleep: The brain doesn’t quiet down and it is difficult to relax due to Liver deficiency Heat or Heart Fire causing insomnia.

•   I can’t sleep at all: Not enough Blood due to either Spleen or Liver deficiency causing insomnia.

When you receive a laser acupuncture treatment, your nervous system begins to calm down. The laser is doing deep work by unraveling your subconscious stress. Balancing your Qi. And, releasing the causes of your insomnia. You may even fall asleep on the treatment table.

You should sleep best the first night after a laser acupuncture treatment. However, several days later symptoms of your insomnia may start to return. This is in indication that you should receive your laser treatment for insomnia more frequently.

It usually takes several laser treatments per week, for several weeks to fully resolve chronic insomnia.  The good news is that it can be fully resolved, without harmful medications and negative side effects. 

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