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Helpful Tips for Good Sleep

As evening comes, the day transitions from Yang to Yin; you too should adjust your behavior to improve your sleep and prevent insomnia. Try these helpful home remedy tips to assist your laser acupuncture insomnia treatment:

•   Quiet the Mind: breathing exercises, meditation, and other forms of relaxation help your insomnia.

•   Diet: avoid spicy food, meats, large meals, alcohol, and caffeine near bedtime as these all create internal heat in your body. Try calming herbal teas. Eating Gou Qi Zi (wolf berries) at night can also help insomnia.

•   Exercise: vigorous exercise is best in the morning, not at night. Stick to relaxing stretches in the evening that unravel your stress avoiding insomnia.

•   Work: mental work is best completed during the day. Excessive thinking at night can over-stimulate your mind causing insomnia.

•   Warm Food Bath: soaking your feet in warm water at night will assist in bringing you Yang Qi down to the Yin areas of your body preventing insomnia.

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