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What to expect when you quit smoking

What to expect when you stop smoking 

If the fear of cancer and the horrible death it causes is not a big motivator for you to quit smoking, just visit the cancer ward of any hospital and see for yourself the horror of what you and your family have to look forward to.

Today smoking is finally becoming taboo almost everywhere.

Smoking in your own private vehicle may become illegal if you have children, you are exposing them to the second hand smoke. Think about it, you’re forcing your kids to smoke.

Many health scientists believe the real danger of smoking is not actually nicotine; it’s the 1000′s of chemical poisons in the cigarettes. These chemical poisons are pollutants and when they mix with water or moisture the result is acid rain!

Is that what really causes cancer and does other damage to our bodies?

The fact is, most of the deadly chemical poisons in tobacco products are not even allowed in city landfills. Amazing but true.

The cost of smoking just keeps going up and up and our health just keeps getting worse and worse. The costs of smoking vary from area to area but no matter where you live it’s very expensive. Imagine the savings of quitting smoking at Imagine Laserworks and you should instantly realize that the real cost is next to nothing.

The truth is, in a month or less, the amount you spend on the treatment is paid back to you over and over every month for the rest of your life. Quitting smoking actually costs you nothing…it actually pays you! Keep your money, stop burning it and regain your health and your life. It’s actually an amazing bargain and a great value.

  • Imagine 45 minutes from now you could be smoke free.
  • Imagine going to bed every night and getting up after having a truly restful sleep and being positive about life.

Why not do your self and your family a great big favor and arrange your quit smoking time by calling us (link to contact us page).

Remember procrastination is the biggest killer of smokers. Smokers always say to themselves ‘I will quit tomorrow or on this date’. Unfortunately tomorrow never comes and it’s then usually too late.

Do you want to help someone else quit smoking?

Affirmations for people that never want to smoke again

Download Quit Smoking CD 

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